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Songs - The Sandglass Symphony


The Sandglass Symphony 7:51

Music & lyrics written by Michael Roessmann, 2012
Arranged & recorded by AMENOPHIS in 2013

“No - I don’t care”
says the young man to his beauty, and both smile at me
So unconcerned and innocent –
they turn around and walk away lightheartedly

“Yes - I am aware”
says the old man to the lady, and both look at me
With a grateful gesture they point to a chair
offering company with biscuits and tea

Here I am - our dance has just begun
Hand in hand - as two-faced companion
as healer, as friend -
staying - right to the end

Hello my dear -
I confirm your charm, your grace, your prettiness
As soon as you turn around from the glass
I start blowing it all away

“This is unfair”
cries the mother while her body is convulsed with pain
So I help her up - just a gentle touch -
and take away as much as I can




Here I am - dancing with you round and round
Hand in hand - as two-faced companion, as healer, as friend
As merciless monster making everything end
I steal 25 years within a blink of your eyes
And make a moment as long as a life
Make a moment never arrive

"It's not enough!"
Complains the rich man, breathless, hurrying, on the run
In a precious moment the sick man looks at his wife
Then turns his head to the midnight sun

There is no stay on the numbered, ring like trail

Still here I am -
The sands of life are running out
Still hand in hand -
I made the future to past, the first thing to last
I brought out the best of you and turned slow into fast
I turned the sun into rain and joy into pain
I made the summer change to fall
And at the end I kill them all
And at the end I release them all



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