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Songs - Some Times



Some Times 4:27

Music & lyrics written by Michael Roessmann, 2013
Arranged & recorded by AMENOPHIS in 2013

We have booked our journey a long time ago
and since then we ride on that rail
We ride through the plain in sunshine and rain
Some people are waving farewell

There are times I feel weak
there are times I feel strong
There are times I don't know what is right and what wrong
But that is alright
since you are my constant one

You lean back and smile while mountains pass by
whatever will come, you don't care
With my face pressed up against the window pane
I am looking for myself out there.


There are moments of laughter
there are moments of tears
Winning and failing for so many years
But that's alright
since you are my constant one

Some times are easy, and some times are hard
Sometimes the whole world seams falling apart
The engine stands still, all the good times are gone
Then you pull the handle
and the train it moves on

There are times to believe
there are times full of doubt
There are moments I am wondering what is this all about
But that's alright
since you are my constant one.


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