Amenophis today

Mastermix Studio - Effekt Rack Karsten Schubert plays the drums to "Avalon" Michael Roessmann listens guitar tracks over the monitor Reiner Krüger - Reiner takes AMENOPHIS fotos now for more than 30 years. left to right: Wolfgang Vollmuth and Michael Roessmann listen previous recorded tracks. AMENOPHIS today - from left to right: Kurt Poppe, Wolfgang Vollmuth, Karsten Schubert, Stefan Gienger, Michael Roessmann
AMENOPHIS today - left to right: Wolfgang Vollmuth, Michael Roessmann, Kurt Poppe, Karsten Schubert Kurt Poppe Wolfgang Vollmuth left to right: Kurt Poppe, Wolfgang Vollmuth Wolfgang Vollmuth during the Bass solo of "Avalon" Kurt Poppe
Sound engineer Stefan Gienger (Mastermix Studios Munich) Wolfgang Vollmuth tunes the 12 string guitar to record "Wheel Of Time" Michael Roessmann recording guitar tracks of "Avalon" left to right: Wolfgang Vollmuth, Stefan Gienger Sequencer with recorded AMENOPHIS tracks Kurt Poppe plays piano in the AMENOPHIS rehearsal room
Karsten Schubert on drums Michael Roessmann on guitar Stefan Gienger, Kurt Poppe, Wolfgang Vollmuth Michael Roessmann recording acoustic guitar solo tracks on "Avalon" left to right: Michael Roessmann and Wolfgang Vollmuth with a 30 years old AMENOPHIS poster. Wolfgang Vollmuth on acoustic guitar. Kurt Poppe to the right
Helmut Henk (CCC) mixes the AMENOPHIS pre tracks Kurt Poppe recording keyboard tracks Wolfgang Vollmuth - playing the intro of "You" Karsten Schubert - having a break during drum tracks recording Michael Roessmann - Recording guitar tracks of "Some Times" Amenophis with Christoph Stickel from msm Studios
Michael Roessmann and Wolfgang Vollmuth recording acoustic guitar tracks Benedikt Hofmeister - Vocals on "The Puppet Master" Karsten Schubert - Recording Drum Tracks - Mastermix Studios, Munich Kurt Poppe Bettina Kumpfert -Moore recording voice tracks of "Mrs April McMay" and "Coming Home" : bettina.01 Wolfgang Vollmuth on bass guitar